About Lori – Romance Author – “For the Love Of” Blog

Hello! Welcome to my website. I’m Lori Oestreich and I live in central Wisconsin halfway between the “City in the Center” (Marshfield) and the “Geographical Center” (Pittsville). My husband of thirty-two years and I have three daughters and five grandchildren. It wouldn’t be accurate if I didn’t mention the other family member in the home, our dog. He’s a mixed breed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and blue heeler named Charlie. I realize it’s not a unique name but when my granddaughter suggested SpongeBob or Charlie, you can see why I chose the latter.

On this site you will find out more about me through my stories based on everyday love. If I were to live one-hundred years, half of my life is still to come (this is my way of bravely admitting my age). Writing has led me on an exciting journey so far and I look forward to sharing this with you. Make sure you check out my blog page for all the stories “For the Love Of” and the sneak peeks page will keep you updated on my current romance novel in progress.

When I’m not spending time with family or friends, I have a list of interests keeping me occupied. Writing of course would be at the top of the list along with reading. I also enjoy gardening especially when I can stay ahead of all the weeds. Charlie helps me keep up with exercising since he barks impatiently when it’s time to go for a walk. Additionally, I love the water and nature so I go swimming and camping whenever I get the chance.

While growing up, I enjoyed reading in many genres with my favorite being romance. With an overabundance of books and the need to keep them organized, I created my own library. Each book had its own letter and number written on white tape affixed to the spine. Just in case, someone borrowed one off the shelf. If they didn’t bring it back, they’d know for sure it was mine as I wrote whom it belonged to on the inside cover.

Keep on reading, it will make your heart smile.