For the Love of a Scary Story

  Scary Pumkins

For the Love of a Scary Story

Disclaimer, careful before proceeding, this is a warning I’m going to enlighten you with a scary story. When I was little, being in the dark got my mind thinking of what was lurking there. I always checked under my bed and in my closet to be certain nothing was hiding in there. The worst nights were the ones where I had just read a mysterious mystery or watched one of those creepy “Tales From the Crypt.” Imagination and a creative mind are funny things and sometimes you’ll be scared even when nothing is there.


Scary Story at Dusk

Final notice, here comes a true scary story.

I was strolling down a lonely country roadway with my daughter and our dog Charlie. The crisp days of fall had become shorter and darkness arrived earlier every day. No matter how fast we’d walk, we always seemed to finish as the sun set. When the darkness came, my hearing heightened and I’d become acutely aware of any sound. Usually, I’d hear movement by the rustle of the leaves. I’d tell myself it was only a small animal or one of bambi’s friends. Although I’d say these things in my mind, when it happened, I’d still jump.

The final stretch of road took us through a wooded area where trees clung over the roadway and blocked any light that remained. Our conversation continued until a manly voice arose near us. My daughter screamed, lunged at me and held onto my arm. I’d jumped with her as we both turned around toward the noise. No one was there. We’d turned together in circles to try to find where he was. The voice followed us wherever we’d dance on the roadway. Still, we could see no one.

My daughter let go and reached into her pocket. She’d planned to call for help. Her cell phone screen was lit up as the weatherman continued to talk about…well obviously the weather. We both laughed so hard. Luckily, we had our dog to protect us from the creepy weather cell phone man.



The Best Places for a Scary Story

If it’s going to be good, a scary story has to be in the dark. The exception to this, of course, is a flashlight under your chin while telling the tale to give it an eerie effect. All the best stories will sound even better if you play ghostly music. The perfect setting for this is around the campfire. Here you will be vulnerable to an array of elements. Nothing will play better on a fear than the unknown. Some of the best stories come from urban legends  or if you’re creative make up some of your own. Sometimes one of your daily activities may turn out like the one I’ve shared.

I’d love to hear if you have a scary story to share.

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Carol Schalk

Your scarey story reminds me of camping with my young boys on an island up north. After dark there were scarey tales always followed by strange noises along the waters edge. Two frightened little boys would soon imagine that a bear or other wild creature swam out to the island and would GET us. Even once we were snug inside our tent, the sounds of the night kept them awake for hours, and in the morning they would scour the shoreline for tracks, certain
there had been SOMETHING out there.