For the Love of Summer

For the Love of Summer

Summer flower

Summer is at its finest when the mercury rises above eighty. I love this time of year. It’s when your vitamin D deficient bodies absorb the sun’s rays and you can’t help but feel great. Summer entices you outside to enjoy all it has to offer. Gardens are in bloom, parks are open for camping and family gatherings are plentiful.

In the summers of my childhood, we picnicked and swam at Rock Dam campground. We joked about how we could say dam and not get into trouble. Dam water, dam swimming, dam skiing and dam fishing. And all of it was dam fun. We camped there recently and it happened to be Rock Dam days, which draws quite a crowd. They celebrate with a parade down the main road and when night falls, you can enjoy the fireworks over the water. Continue reading “For the Love of Summer”

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