For the Love of Traditions


For the Love of Traditions

Traditions are wonderful and I love the many we have in our family. At Christmas time, it wouldn’t be the same without our porridge. My maternal grandmother made chili every Christmas Eve with spaghetti noodles and V8 juice. Although I’ve modified the recipe by adding additional ingredients, it is one of my favored traditions. My paternal grandmother would make donuts and popcorn balls. No Christmas was complete without eating one, two or three of her gooey glazed donuts. A dieting tip, there are no calories in a donut at Christmas especially ones fried with love.

Lit Christmas Trees

Traditions and a Time of Giving

New traditions are important as well. Incorporating giving during the Christmas season can create some of the fondest memories. We have made the Rotary Winter Wonderland in Marshfield a new one for our family. The light displays at the Wildwood Zoo are a unique experience. It is free to visit but a donation of canned goods or money for the local pantries is accepted. If you haven’t been there, stop by and check it out. It is well worth the drive.

Santa & Cookies

Traditions and Memories

Traditions are a way to remember the people who are no longer with us. With my children, we started a few of our own. Each year my girls took turns and placed the angel on top of the tree. We would watch “A Christmas Story” or “Home Alone” movies so many times we would be able to recite the scenes. On Christmas Eve, we would attend midnight mass. In the excitement of gifts the following morning, the children were able to open one gift. It was the hope they would fall asleep before Santa would come. When he did arrive, cookies and milk had been waiting for him with a few carrots for the reindeer.

Mary, Joseph & Baby Jesus

I’d love to hear some traditions you have in your family.


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